Remote Work Essentials Toolkit – IT Professionals

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Remote Work Essentials Toolkit – IT Professionals

In response to COVID-19 with the rapid adoption of wide-scale remote work practices, almost all organizations have started planning for more permanent and strategic positions.

As an executive leader or IT professional have a strong role to play in the transitioning from temporary to long-term remote – work strategies.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and HostingB2B team of professionals are giving you these recommendations to support your organizations in re-evaluating and strengthening their cybersecurity as they transition to long-term or permanent remote-work solutions.

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As we said already, Executive leaders, as well as IT professionals, have a significant role to play in drafting and deploying the Remote – Work Policy.

HostingB2B as a long-standing member of the ISACA the international professional association focused on IT governance we are always on high alert when it comes to CyberSecurity and Threat management.

  • First thing you have to do is to have an organizational policy and procedures.
  • Second, Train your members and staff for CyberSecurity awareness. Most threats are easy to identify if your members are trained to respond to anything suspicious.
  • Now its time to Move your organizational Assets
  • Create Cyber Secure Hybrid Culture
  • You are set to GO !
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Deploy your CyberSecurity Strategy through Developing Security Awareness and Vigilance.

Once you’ve got your policies and procedures set up, It’s now time to deploy and monitor those procedures to ensure they are strictly followed by every member of the team.

1. Patching and Vulnerability Management

Before you start, ensure hardware and software inventories include new items added due to teleworking, to ensure patching and vulnerability management are effective.

Maintain patch and vulnerability management practices, by keeping software up to date and scanning for vulnerabilities.

Enable automatic software updates or use a managed solution wherever feasible.

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2. Enterprise CyberSecurity Controls

Implement, maintain, and invest in enterprise cyber-security controls to securely connect employees to the organization’s network and assets.

In modern IT environments, zero trust architecture may be preferable to virtual private network (VPN) solutions. This is due to the lack of perimeter defense in the cloud and distributed systems.

Evaluate the current security architecture and ensure that it is properly protecting—and providing visibility into—remote sites and endpoints, including employees who may use public WiFi.

3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for remote access to organizational systems and services.

Develop contingency plans or solutions when MFA is not feasible or available.


4. Organizationally Approved Products

Maintain a list of organizationally approved products, including collaboration tools and teleconferencing

Provide users guidance on using these tools securely.

5. More Frequent Backups

Perform frequent backups of the organization’s systems and important files. Verify backups regularly, and store
backups offline and offsite.

Prioritize protecting against ransomware attacks, due to their potential for prolonged disruption in the telework environment.

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6. Domain-Based Message Authentication (DMARC)

Implement a Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) validation system to address the increased risk of phishing and business email compromise in remote working environments.

Fortunately for you, HostingB2B is always ready willing and able to combat any threat your business may face.

Our products and especially our Remote Work Solution can offer you all the hosting needs to ensure you are Cyber Fit.

Remote Work Essentials Toolkit

LIve Webinar @ 27/10/2020 / 10am GMT

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HostingB2B Cyprus and Malta in collaboration with its partners launches a series “Remote Work Essentials Toolkit” focusing specifically on :

– Executives
– IT Professionals
– Teleworkers

In response to Covid-19 we at HostingB2B (long-standing member of the ISACA | The international professional association focused on IT governance) we are always on high alert when it comes to CyberSecurity and Threat management.

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