Combating the pandemic through leadership – CEO Interview in Malta

ceo george sarris interview

CEO Interview in Insights Malta

Our CEO George Sarris was an honored guest in a Web Talk organized by Wave Consulting and Nadia Pace in Malta. The Discussion was held as an open discussion with Invitees not only from the Hosting industry but also from the aviation industry.

Roberta and Nadia from Wave Consulting and Nadia- Pace were moderating the panel and the invitees were as follows:

  • Mr. Ioannis Pantazopoulos from KLM Aviation covering  Cyprus Malta Greece regions.
  • Mr. George Sarris from HostingB2B Ltd covering Cyprus Malta UK and UAE hosting.


INSIGHTS: Inspiration for forward-thinking entrepreneurs will be hosting a series of online panel discussions with guest speakers across a range of business topics. This series is to be hosted by Nadia-Pace & Weave Consulting.

After the initial Introductions, the discussion went to discussing how COVID 19 pandemic has impacted with  Technology in iGaming – Blockchain and also the Aviation Industry.
Mr. Sarris is not only an entrepreneur but also a technology hungry individual, He has been servicing iGaming and Betting providers in Cyprus, Malta, UK, Curacao, and many other Jurisdictions since 2009.
It has also revealed the new Notarization and e-Signature solution from Hosting B2B, which is our New released blockchain solution based on Etherium and part of the Complete Solution for  Backup – Disaster Recovery – File Sync and Share – Notarization and eSignature Services.
The company’s philosophy is to embrace the Digital Transformation era and to invest in technology but also in its people.

Given the fact every company experienced a lockdown during the pandemic, our company has been offering our ALL IN ONE solution for Remote Work.

Closed borders make it impossible to Generate business, Considering coming from an island such as Cyprus or Malta.

From a technology perspective, we have seen the business that was ready for the Digital Transformation and Remote work and those have switched from Office work to Remote work very easily.

Bandwidth Limitation in Cyprus and Malta makes it difficult to embrace Remote work and the need for a local Datacenter to host or Co- Locate their servers in our Data Centers.

Services such as Remote working solutions and Cloud Solutions offer business continuity and disaster recovery to enterprises and that was a shift in mindset in businessmen.

Trust in the system and Offsite Hosting in terms of security with the right tools can be a successful scenario. There is an expected increase in cloud technology due to its authentication login, two factor authentication and adaptive AI security solutions, which are tools that can protect your data.

Finally, innovation is the mindset that covers most businesses. In a global perspective, optimism is key. Cost of acquiring clients will be minimal, services and products will still be available, so marketing your already existing products will be low in cost. In a world lead by technology and innovation, understanding the newly adapted customer behavior after the pandemic, can result in gained success by applying it to a global perspective and adapting your business strategy to launch into the market the right way .

All in One Solution for Remote Work

Dedicated Servers for RDS Hosting

Lease a dedicated Server or servers for all business personnel connecting to a centralized location securely and remotely.
Windows Server RDP/RDS Hosting allows you to set up an Active Directory secure environment.
Setting up custom file permission and at the same time apply global domain policy with Hybrid or Full Cloud solution.

Network Management for Data Center

Data Center managed services are offered to those who would require HostingB2B extreme support to manage their network on a 24/7 Basis.

MONA our monitoring platform based on AI can proactively alert and mitigate Cyber Security risk and Ransomware attacks.

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Acronis Security

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Secure VPN Solutions for End User Clients

Centralized and secure VPN Management for all departments and all employees.
Ensuring all traffic is encrypted with the highest AES – SHA standards and Pre KEY authorization
All coming from Whitelisted IP Addresses for advanced security.

Email Hosting and Collaboration Tools

Hosting your company’s emails in our Secured (ISO27001) certified facilities ,
The Best email Hositng Solutions with antispam antivirus anti-phishing tools embedded in our service.
Choose from Cloud Email hosting from Office365 and Microsoft
Self Hosted Email Hosting in Cyprus – Malta – UK powered by Zimbra.

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PBX Hosting

Our SIP Hosting Solution powered by 3CX has a lot to offer, The Best PBX Hosting alongside with an industry-leading vendor such as 3CX. Our 3CX Hosting in our Private Cloud in Cyprus offers Unified Communication and an easy to install and manage a Centralized PBX System.
Choose from Mobile Clients or Web-Enabled clients and make or receive calls directly on your Mobile or Computer.
Use our 3CX Hosting also to interact with your end clients by installing the 3CX Live Chat and Talk available for WordPress Hosting or and CMS you would like to use.
The live chat plugin is free, the calls and chats are free – all you need is 3CX Phone System. Learn how!

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To Summarizing, Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious troubles in business. With the expert help of HostingB2B together we can tackle the challenges

You have enough to worry about, let us cover your Remote Work hosting solutions and focus on what’s important for your business.

Hosting Solutions you can trust, Solutions that work DAY & NIGHT!