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Next-gen SaaS DLP keeps your sensitive data
from falling into the wrong hands.

Safetica NXT
Safetica NXT is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provides Data Loss Prevention and Insider Threat Protection solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes with focus on very fast deployment and low maintenance. We believe everyone deserves to know that with the right tools their data can be safe.
Safetica NXT enables early discovery of potential data security threats and data handling flow risks in your organization to help you respond, set guidelines for sensitive data, educate your employees, and support regulatory compliance.
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Detect Data Security Risks and Major Incidents from Day One

Extremely fast deployment enables you to start with data flow auditing and incident detection within one day. Pre-configured detection rules are activated automatically and can be finetuned and customized later.

  1. Customer’s environment automatically deployed in secured cloud
  2. Safetica app remotely installed on employees’ endpoints
  3. Safetica NXT is ready to audit your data and alert incidents

Incident detection is based on native logic, automatic anomaly detection and continuous learning. The output is represented by a set of risky events that Safetica NXT identifies and highlights using a three-level risk classification process (Low risk, Medium risk, High risk).

Safetica NXT

We will help you discover potential threats in your company
and walk you through the benefits of Safetica solutions.

Protect your company against data loss and insider data threat with the only convenient solution.


• Prevent incidents, react swiftly to potential insider threats, and speed up investigation of malicious activities with the help of automated detection of suspicious or abnormal behavior and data flow risks.
• Audit all data leaving the organization and provide a clear picture of security incidents by showing who, when, where and how your business data was sent.
• Educate employees and improve processes to keep your company safe.
• Start gaining benefits from day one without impacting any of the existing business workflows thanks to an extremely short time to value.


• Windows and macOS support
• One-click integration with Microsoft 365
• Fortinet network appliances integration
• API integration with Power BI or Tableau
• Immediate notifications delivered to your inbox
• File content inspection with pre-defined templates
• Content classification based on various approaches


Respond to threats even before a major incident happens thanks to early discovery of behavior anomalies and data flow risks in your organization. Safetica NXT uses advanced content classification and OCR for sensitive data detection in image files and scanned PDF documents.


Recognize undesirable user activities with work activity audit and automated labelling of apps used and websites visited by specific users
Track changes in user behavior with overview and visualization of trends and changes in user behavior in your network over time
Get comprehensive reports and real-time alerts about individual user activities, even when working remote, such as via remote desktop etc.

Technical Specifications

Full Control

Have full control over sensitive data flows and internal risks based on behavior analysis & content inspection

Real-time reports

Get regular security reports and real-time incident notifications

Data Security

Use Safetica Zones for simplified high-level data security

Copy Leaking Data

Create Shadow Copy of leaking data to keep forensic evidence for further investigation

3rd Party Integration

Automated third-party integration and features for advanced use cases.

Workflow Control

Policies for workflow control on company endpoints


Support for Active Directory in multi-domain environments

Custom Branding

Custom branding of user security notifications on endpoints


Support via Live Chat, Ticket System (Email), Online Support Portal and Community Forum Access

24/7/365 Live Chat Support

Most importantly our round the clock Support is available for you via Live Chat, Ticket System (Email), Skype.