Dedicated Servers for SMB


If you are an owner of a small business you are probably wondering what type of server you need.

For a more secure business, the tool you need is called a Server.

With lots of options that you may find surrounding servers and for your business, the most recommended one would be a small business serverIs typically designed for small business environments. That servers are typically different from the servers that used in large corporations.

So, small business servers can keep your business more secure and organized. Also can provide a backup source and many more advantages that your business needed. In HostingB2B we can advise you about the plan that is better for your business needs.

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Common uses of a server in the small business envirorment

With the simple choice to host your business with a good hosting provider, your business has a safe and secure home. The server is a place to store and access your data. With a dedicated server, your website is also faster,  more secure, and as optimal as possible. Below are the common uses of a server in a small business environment.

  • Secure email hosting: If you are a beginner maybe you start by utilizing Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. But if you can think more professionally, is better to upgraded so to be more secure.
  • Hosting eCommerce: Protect your client. With the right server, the personal and financial information of your clients is secure.

  • Hosting your Website: With a good web hosting provider, your website is now safe and secure. But there are more advantages as well. Speed and efficiency of your site and of course SEO. 

  • Virtual server environment: Through the Pandemic of Covid-19, maybe your employees work remotely. So,  what is that you need is a Visual Desktops from a virtual server interface. Like that, maybe your business covers multiple brands so there is one more reason to think about the visual server environment.
  • Data Backup: With cloud hosting, you increase data storage security. Because you never know what can happen you must be ready and reload your data fast and save your business.

A small business server can power all of these services and more, while also being capable of supporting all of them simultaneously.

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Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Small Business

With plans for every business needs, HostingB2B offers the best quality of service.  In the article What is a Dedicated Server, we go into detail about Dedicated Servers.

This refers to a customized server that belongs to each client individual. A dedicated server or hosting server is a computer with extra features than a normal computer.  You don’t share it with another company, which means you don’t have to worry about another company taking up all the space of your resources. When you rent a dedicated server, you are renting your own space for your own business. There are many advantages to this configuration such as:


What a Dedicated Server covers:

  • High number of visitors
  • Guaranteed high level of service and performance
  • Gives complexity, control and security
  • Customization of your own hosting environment
  • Provide full root access
  • Offers security & configuration for your servers
  • Customer able to have fast deployment of their server

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