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Email Hosting

As Hosting Providers, here at HostingB2B we cover many services and industries. Most importantly we offer a crucial service for many Business owners, commonly known as Email Hosting.

For many, email is an important everyday routine that keeps their lives and businesses on track. People send and receive emails on a daily basis whether its for corporate or personal reasons.

Online, you will find many that offer free email services and other providers that have paid services. So the question is simple.

Which one will benefit you more when you are an established, or even small business and you have important documents like bills, invoices, client information stored on your email account?

In the article below we provide you with some of the factors as to why you should consider paying for a Hosting Provider and the benefits of having email hosting altogether.

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What is Email Hosting?

Simply put, Email Hosting operates email services. Ultimately, every email user that is in need of Email Hosting, depending on his needs, can find a provider, rent an email server and have professional email services and solutions. Email hosting services tend to premium, which is what makes them different from free webmail site, like Yahoo and Google for example.

So, when you own a brand and domain names and you wish to have email services for that domain name, it is evident that you will sign up for email hosting solutions.

But why is important to opt for a paid service for Email Hosting? What are the advantages and why big businesses prefer to paid and rent servers?

The Benefits of Email Hosting

  • You can get secure, reliable and efficient service
  • Documents are stored safely
  • Support
  • More storage space
  • Large attachments
  • Mail rules
  • IMAP/POP3 services
  • Synchronization above multiple device
  • More features like shared calendars, shared folders, tasks list and address book, etc. This is useful for groups of people in organizations and business to collaborate online
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Why You Need an Email Hosting Service?

In a personal or professional setting, for businesses and for homes, for adults and kids, the safe exchange of emails is very important. Email is the number one communication tool between team members, customers and vendors.

So, if you consider where you should host your email services, below you will find some of the important facts that you should think about:

Note that:

We recommend that it’s best to have an Email Hosting service from the same Web Hosting Provider.


Many important information transfers so quickly through these emails. For example, it is possible to find documents like bills, invoices, client contact, invitations, coupons and many more. When you send an email, it gets routed between the two servers. This is to ensure smooth delivery and transportation of your email. Your email is then secure, which eliminates any risk spam and viruses, which is a crucial element for businesses.

Email communication has taken over many traditional forms of communication, and as a business, you want to ensure it remains safe and secure, no matter how sensitive the information being communicated may be. Email encryption, offered by professional email service providers, ensures that all data communicated through emails stay secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Strong Brand Image

That said, apart from keeping your data safe, you can also create a strong brand image for your business. Building a strong brand identity is critical to making an impact in this fast-growing digital world.

With an email hosting service you can set up a professional email address that incorporates your domain name. For example, at Hosting B2B – www.hostingb2b.com, our email address is admin@hostingb2b.com.

This allows you to:

  • create a stronger brand identity
  • improves business scalability
  • boosts email security
  • allows better integration with other necessary tools
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With email hosting you can stay connected with your customers, clients, employees and any professional network — no matter where you are. An email hosting service can ensure safe and secure communication.

Your receivers will easily identify you in their inbox, and build a brand recall that builds credibility.  With email hosting, you create and maintain the best ‘first impression’.

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