Why do enterprises need Dedicated servers?

dedicated servers

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated server is a server that you rent from a company. It is ‘dedicated’ because the entire server is exclusively for you. There are specific types of enterprises that could greatly benefit from Dedicated hosting. A few of them are;

1. Middle to Large Sized

If you have around 500 employees and manage large amounts of data, if your enterprise uses databases, a large inventory or structure or has a high rate of e-commerce transactions per hour, then you need a Dedicated server.

2. Agencies & Resellers

These enterprises will need Dedicated servers to host their clients’ websites, allowing them to manage all of their clients in one place without having various accounts with a number of hosting providers.

3. System Administrators, Developers & IT

These businesses need typically need customized server environments to suit their enterprises specifications and run resource-intensive web applications, for example content management systems, customized software, API-driven applications, software as a service, and e-commerce sites. These all 100% need a dedicated server due to the nature of the enterprise.

The up-side of having a Dedicated server

Dedicated servers provide these enterprises with a number of benefits that can enhance their work. These benefits include;

1. Higher level of security

If you are an e-commerce business, or collect personal data, security is very important. On a shared server, you are at high risk of security threats because you are not the only enterprise using the server, meaning there are more possibilities of a security breach. A dedicated server guarantees that your business information is safe, because we, at Hostingb2b, can protect you from any external threats.

2. Your own IP address

Each individual server has its own IP address, which means that if you are sharing a server, then you are also sharing an IP address, however if you have dedicated server hosting, then your enterprise has its own IP address all to itself. This alleviates the risk of spam coming from your neighbors on your shared server, and in the event of this happening, this pushes your ranking down on search engines. A dedicated IP address is especially critical when your enterprise is a large e-commerce business that requires SSL protection for card payments.

3. Flexibility

You never know when your business will grow or scale down. Using dedicated server hosting allows you the flexibility to accommodate your enterprise as its needed. You are not limited in terms of CPU, RAM, software, operating rooms, etc., meaning you can build your server step by step alongside your growing enterprise, and keep control of your site presentation.

4. Little, to no limitations

When you have shared hosting, there are multiple sites on the server, and this automatically puts a limit on the bandwidth, website traffic, etc. If you have a dedicated server, you don’t have limitations on these and other resources.

Dedicated servers provide these enterprises with a number of benefits that can enhance their work. These benefits include;

5. Greater overall performance

A dedicated server gives its users an exclusive platform where you don’t have to share any resources with anyone else. With this exclusivity, you get faster applications and, compared to shared servers or cloud hosting for example, you have a better performing site. There are still several benefits to other hosting plans, like Cloud hosting gives a business more storage, however this does not improve performance. When your website is performing at its best capacity, you worry less about visitors’ satisfaction levels and google not ranking your page.

6. Faster website loading

Studies have shown that if a web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, then viewers are discouraged to continue browsing your site. This may cause issues in the future, as people will constantly be leaving your page before learning about your product/service. By using a dedicated server, your page loading times will increase immensely due to every one of our dedicated servers being equipped with certain specifications to ensure your site isn’t overwhelmed when there is a large influx of visitors.

Here are some Cons of a Dedicated Server 

Higher Cost

Dedicated web hosting comes at a higher price compared to other types of hosting services. If your website receives minimal traffic, it is not advisable to opt for a dedicated server. Instead, shared hosting can be chosen for low-traffic websites. The decision to use dedicated hosting should be based on your website’s performance.

Technical Expertise Required

Setting up, configuring, maintaining, and operating a server using dedicated hosting necessitates technical knowledge. This is not the case with shared hosting, as the hosting company takes care of these aspects. Fully managed dedicated hosting is available, but it tends to be expensive.

Increased Maintenance Demands

Lacking technical expertise and management skills can make it challenging for you to select a dedicated server. Regular server maintenance and continuous monitoring are necessary to ensure the server’s reliability.

Our responsibility when it comes to Dedicated servers is to fix any problems before they arise. With a dedicated server, we provide an in-house server with full maintenance and our services are available 24/7. For more information on what packages we offer, please visit our Dedicated Hosting webpage or contact us for a quote.

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