Ukraine approves for both online and land-based gambling!

Ukraines Approval of the Gambling Regulations

After a 248-95 vote was held, the Ukraine government gave the green light for online and land-based gambling. Obviously this is a very important step for Ukraine and for the Easter European industries. After such a decision, Ukraine now has the chance of becoming an interesting spot for international investors.

The law in Ukraine, with complete regulation that present two licences which cover organisation, conduct and holding. Also the laws cover the following:

  • Casino gambling establishments.
  • Casino gambling online.
  • Bookmaking activities in bookmakers online.
  • In the halls of slot machines.
  • Poker games online.

Ultimately, the law for gambling will also contain strict requirements that will ensure fraud prevention and protection of minors. Also, there will be a register of self-restricted persons. Eventually, that will limit the participation of unsuitable players in gambling for a period of 6 months to 3 years.

Furthermore, in the full article on SIGMA NEWS , read about the guidelines give to players and operators. Also find out about the requirements and regulations under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the next steps that will be taken after the approval.



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