Turbocharge your Startup with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

artificial intelligence

Turbocharge your Startup with AI (Artificial Intelligence)


The most challenging part for startups and businesses nowadays, is to find the right skill sets that can scale up their business.

What if these skill sets or technical expertise came by implementing some AI tools in your processes?

For some IOT Internet of things– AI artificial intelligence – BI Business intelligence might sound like another acronym in today’s modern computer society, but it is indeed the future in todays’ modern business.

Some might call it Globalisation, some might call it managing the mass but I call it

“The today and tomorrow”.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for some time now, but it only just recently became mainstream.

According to a recent survey, artificial intelligence (AI) learning has moved from a specialised field into the mainstream business, with 37% of respondents reporting their enterprises had either deployed AI or would do so shortly.


From my experience in management, i’ve learnt that your decision making might either be prophetic or a disaster.

Especially after a stressful day, or if you are multitasking and switching between roles continuously.

With the use of AI you can back up your management decisions by analysing data, the so called Data-Driven decisions.

Data – Driven decisions backed up by AI will guarantee what any other human intelligence cannot.

Just consider how many accidents in the history of mankind where categorised as “human error”.

Your Customer behaviour will give you real time information about trends and possibly new businesses or products. Remember this data is coming straight from your customers.

Your customers are the ones that know your product – service from A-Z, it’s strengths and weakness etc.

From there you can adjust your products and services accordingly.

Scalability will take you to the next step.

If your business or products are getting noticed, that means you are getting somewhere.

But even if you have the best product, you cannot overcome what you can deliver with the resources you have.

My understanding from Covid-19, is that businesses are up against another challenge, after going through the global economic crisis in 2014.

Listening to your clients and documenting their feedback by using a CRM powered by AI Artificial Intelligence, will give you the customer segmentation and data modeling you want to more forward.

With the help of AI, you can then add programmatic advertising in different vertical, combined with a personal approach such as account management with on lead generation that will guarantee successfully conversations.

Automate as much as you can

Company policies/procedures staff KB articles will streamline your day to day operations and from there on you will focus on the importance of managing your brand.

Automate your Marketing strategy with Digital ads and campaigns set by AI Artificial Intelligence and use PMS (project management system) to document client or lead interaction.

In your Support channels, with the use of chatbots and KB /FAQ articles from other clients, it will minimise your SLA response time to ZERO and trust me this will be the winning factor at the end of the day.

Remember that the competitor Price is irrelevant when it comes to choosing the right partner for the end client. So focus on giving the wow factor to your current and potential clients.

Your Sales team must relentlessly be performing at 200%, at least. That’s where the money comes from right?

Use AI tools to help you create KB Articles for Sales teams by other senior employees, spot broken links and monitor performance instantly.

KB and FAQ articles will take new sales people onboard, that have minimal or even zero training time.


PROTECT YOUR BRAND the same way you protect yourself.

British airways, Easyjet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, they all have reported data breaches this last year’s only.

With AI in your startup you can monitor:

Major Database changes – Password leaks – User access with File changes can all be monitored and will proactively stop a suspicious activity.

Ensure your disaster recovery and business continuity procedures are always maintained and up to date with the latest trends.

Enforce your startup with AI adaptive solutions such as Assisted Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence and Autonomous intelligence.

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