Internet of Things is the new thing!


As many things built up with wifi connectivity in our days, many opportunities arise. IoT are systems of related computing devices, that have the ability to connect through the Internet. These devices can share and exchange data over the internet.


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In Simple Life

Internet of Things (IoT) is a tool we can use in our everyday lives. In a smart house, we can lock and unlock the doors, turn the lights on/off or even switch the coffee machine on. Additionally we can open the TV or check security cameras straight from our mobile devices.

These benefits of IoT help us by making our lives easier and simpler, as mobile devices are now and for the future the extension of our hand.


In Medical Care

The Internet of Medical things (IoMT) or Smart Healthcare, aids in data collection and analysis for research and monitoring in health care. Besides some hospitals already have smart beds that can detect when a patient is attempting to get up. Also, the beds can adjust themselves to ensure appropriate pressure and support to the patient without. With this function the manual interaction of nurses in unnecessary.

Medicine is growing fast. So the opportunities IoT has to offer to the health industry in the near future are unlimited.


In Business

IoT is becoming more of an essential resource for business of all types. Businesses have many benefits to gain now and in the future from IoT. The numbers of IoT devices shows an 8.4 billion in 2017 and expected to reach 30 billion devices in 2020.

Furthermore, with IoT in business, companies can collect and exchange data for multiple purposes. This is equally as important because it can enable better safety, efficiency and decision for businesses as data is collected and analysed.

Predictive maintenance, sped up medical care, improved customer service, and more benefits we wouldn’t even imagined yet. Some examples are the GPS defection (On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation system) and the Monitor and track safety. We see IoT devices in Gyms and fitness industries, airbuses, in Disney World and much more.


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