Rise of the iGaming U.S. Hosting Industry

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Rise of the iGaming Industry in the US

The iGaming US Hosting  industry is going through a revival and is predicted to soar within the next few years, with new opportunities for business. With these opportunities, the US is being hit with shockwaves, as many more states are presenting new laws related to gambling. This is their attempt to lift any legislation that currently prohibits many forms of gambling in the US.

The USA is recognizing the immense value of the online gaming business. That is why implementation of the necessary regulations in order to legalize iGaming is rapidly taking place across the country.


It has been stated that more than half the country has started legalizing betting

In May 2018, the US Supreme Court made a historic decision to legalize sports betting country-wide.

The country is now allowing operators to set up iGaming businesses, by letting each state make a decision about whether they want to permit it or ban the activity within their borders and then allowing them to introduce their own legislation


currently permit online gaming


allow in-person gaming


moving towards legalization


no interest in its legalization

Also U.S. gambling revenue hit $13.6 billion in the second quarter of 2021, a new industry record, according to data from the American Gaming Association.

This is a huge step for the United States and iGaming industry. As more states open their doors to the idea, Hosting and iGaming businesses across the world are showing greater interest in expanding and pushing into the American market


Many Americans enjoy online casino games while some miss out on them due to current legislation. Regardless, the future of the iGaming industry seems bright as the gambling laws are being relaxed.

The global cloud hosting provider Internet Vikings has started rapidly expanding into the U.S. market by offering licensed hosting to iGaming operators in West Virginia.

The company has secured its position in the U.S. market by setting up its first data center in West Virginia, where it provides customizable hosting solutions including 24 cores, 64 GB RAM, 500 GB storage, and 50Mbit bandwidth per month across 12 more states, starting with Michigan and Pennsylvania, and then moving on to New Jersey, Louisiana, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois and Virginia.


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