What To Expect From iGaming in 2022

It is clear that nothing can stop the iGaming world from growing and ever-evolving, as its revenues is continuously growing. Over the last few years, the online gaming world has come a long way since its entry into the market, and has opened their virtual doors to many new customers. Thanks to mobile gaming and fast internet, many countries are beginning to legalize online gaming withing their jurisdictions. Many governments have also realized that online gaming is here to stay and are realizing that they would rather legalize it than have all that money being pocketed in other countries who have more lenient laws when it comes to online gambling. Each year brings new excitement to the iGaming world due to improvements in technology, and various other factors.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is working alongside casino and their existing systems to improve the protection of their players, by eliminating fraudulent activity, which has already proved to be effective. AI technology is viewed to continue aiding customer service and gaming responsibly. This technology is said to be worth anyone’s time as it can detect abnormal gambling behavior by comparing the customers history to its recent activity, which helps customers become aware of their actions before sending too much.

Innovation has driven casinos and gaming developers to re-think the slot machines. For years the slot machines have been the same concept enhanced by graphics. However, to try and open new doors and bring in new clients, features have been added to the list of ‘to try’, such as playing against another opponent on the slot machines.

Mobile Application in iGaming

A big chunk of iGaming’s evolution has been the use and growth of mobile gaming, and experts believe mobile gaming to be the future of the entire industry, stating that there should be more games available to play on mobile devices, as casinos are looking to launch their own mobile apps. Moreover, now that 5G is the new norm in most parts of the world, mobile gaming has become even more seamless and easy. As casino’s are still in the initial phases of creating a mobile app clientele, most apps have special offers only applicable to the mobile clientele, encouraging growth of app users.

With the new technology of smart watches, online betting is said to be coming in watch form too. Even though the idea of placing bets via your watch may sound a bit extreme, its all part of the innovation of technology growth.

E-sports has been on the rise for the past few years, and shows no sign of downfall. It has a growing collection of fans, as well as competitors and competition. As technology gets faster and more powerful, it gives this modern-day phenomenon the push it needs to grow.

Virtual Reality in iGaming

The first VR (Virtual Reality) casinos have already commenced their experimental stages, which could be the kind of technology that iGaming brands start to adopt in their offerings. This technology has endless possibilities, as each headset allows you to dive into a vibrant and interactive world of games. Even though the technology is expensive, there has been a significant drop in prices in recent years.

Cryptocurrency in iGaming

Online gambling is heavily intertwined with Cryptocurrency at the moment, and among others, bitcoin is dipping their toe into the casino scene as they add incorporate crypto transactions. Currently, cryptocurrency is unmatched in deposit and withdrawal speed. Because it is becoming so simple to access crypto and access your crypto wallet, the iGaming market is taking it under its wing.

Live dealer slots

As the iGaming industry is aways evolving, it is always looking for ways to exhilarate the online betting experience for players. Alongside speedier transactions, iGaming brands are looking to bring forward new types of games to excite their players.


The iGaming industry has come a long way in various different countries and has evolved from niche beginnings to become one of the world’s largest and most profitable industries. The rivalry in the online casino industry is also fiercer than it has ever been, with many online casinos going to great lengths to differentiate themselves.

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