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When creating a website there are many things that need to be considered in order to give your clients the best online User Experience. 

Having a fast loading website is one of the most important things you should worry about when auditing your site. Users love it when they browse a site that has a fast loading speed because waiting for several minutes for a page to load is frustrating

So in order to make sure you optimize every aspect of your website for speed here are some factors to consider.

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The server location is important for page loading time. In simple words longer the distance from the computer that hosts your site to your visitor is the longer it takes to transmit your site data.

TTFB (time to the first byte) measures the time it takes for the data to reach its destination. The longer it takes, the longer the loading time will be. For example, if your visitor is from the USA and your host server is in Europe or Cyprus it will take longer for the page to load, versus for your visitors in the US. This is because the data has to travel a further distance, which is known as latency.

So in order for the TTFB to be as low as possible, you need to choose a server location for example if you are from Malta choose servers that are close to your most frequent visitors.

Here at HostingB2B, you can choose from 3 different locations for your website:

Cyprus | Malta | UK

Location of your Server

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Use a Content Delivery Network ( CDN )

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A CDN is a system that delivers website pages to the current visitor based on their geographical location, the websites origin and the content delivery server. so if your resources are stored on CDN around the world, when people visit your website, from any country, the loading time will be less as it loads from the CDN server closest to them.

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SSD Hosting

Solid-state drives (SSDs) have much better reading and writing speed that any other and offer many advantages to your websites loading time. SSD drives significantly improve the loading speed of a website due to its speedy information access, extended durability and website business efficiency.

When a website has a ton of heavy files (eg. videos, audio, images), this will automatically make a website super slow, but SSD can hep a lot by giving you a 300% faster loading time that any other server.

SSD drives also maximize system performance, due to its power and size, meaning the website can handle more traffic without the entire system collapsing.


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7) SEO friendly HTML

WP Cache is a wordpress performance plugin that focuses on caching.

Caching can make your WordPress site anywhere from 2x to 5x faster.

How a caching plugin works? It creates a copy of each page after it has already been loaded once, and then it presents the cached version to the next visitors.

Visitors will get to the same cached page, instead of having to go through the same page generation process every time someone clicks on a page. 

As a result, your web pages load directly from cache, saving plenty of loading time.

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Auto-optimize – WP Cache

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, meaning it provides extra security for websites which helps keep your data safe as it gets from server to browser.

SSL works with HTTP/2 which is one of the main benefits and it focuses on performance improvements. By sending an SSL certificate, this will activate the HTTP/2, resulting in a faster web page load speed. 

Hosting Control Panel

If you are just like me who my development skills are below minimal. You can always choose user-friendly control panels managing your websites.

Choosing the right hosting panel is not just about making your life easier but mastering your development knowledge and save a ton of prework time regarding launching a new website.

A lot of panels are available on the internet but our company is offering the most popular ones.


Page Load Time

  • Many studies have shown that visitors tend to abandon a website that takes 5 seconds or more to load.
  • Page Speed only leads to fewer sales but it also impacts your SEO ranking and search engines penalize the slower websites.
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