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Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud

An easy, affordable way to ensure data safety and quick IT systems recovery

About Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud

 Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud is an easy and affordable DRaaS solution, built on top of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud that protects critical corporate workloads by instantly spinning up IT systems in the managed cloud recovery site and recovering them to any similar or dissimilar hardware.

Built on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
Our “all-in-one” approach enables multi-layer protection for your entire environment with greater ease-of-use and a lower cost – as compared to purchasing and maintaining separate DR and backup solutions.
Built on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
Physical and virtual machines
• Windows
• Linux
Virtualization platforms
• VMware vSphere
• Microsoft Hyper-V
• Linux KVM
• Citrix XenServer
• Red Hat Virtualization

Add disaster recovery to your cloud backup in one simple step

A cloud backup solution protects your company’s data so you can always restore your critical business systems. However, in case of a serious outage like one caused by fire, your backup files ill be safe – but it will take days or even weeks to bring the applications back online. When it comes to critical business systems and customer-facing services, each hour of downtime costs money and jeopardizes your reputation. In fact, a single unplanned downtime can cost an SMB an average of $82,200 to $256,000, according to the IDC. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) minimizes recovery time by quickly spinning up the systems in a cloud datacenter. That means in case of a serious outage, you can count on getting back to business quickly.

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Disaster recovery highlights


Protect your budget with no investments in an off-site DR facility, or in on-premises software and hardware.

Managed cloud recovery site
Leverage the full cloud infrastructure with the ability to failover to and run machines in the cloud.

Easy, intuitive solution
Enjoy a self-service web-based console for key operations like disaster recovery testing, failover, and failback. The solution utilizes the same agent, web console, replication, backup storage, and cloud infrastructure as Acronis
Cyber Backup Cloud.

A secure DRaaS solution
Ensure data safety and security with features like encrypted backups during failover, proactive AI-based ransomware protection, and two-factor authentication for the portal login. 

Under 15-minute RPOs and RTOs
Achieve both RPOs and RTOs shorter than 15 minutes. The RunVM engine enables best-in-class production and test failover speed, while flexible backup frequency policies lead to tighter RPOs.

Recovery servers RPO compliance tracking
Improve SLA compliance by defining recovery point thresholds and tracking RPO compliance in real-time via the web console.

Disaster recovery orchestration with runbooks
Automate key disaster recovery scenarios and ensure our systems will be recovered in the correct order to address interdependencies between applications.

Automated testing of all key disaster recovery scenarios
Verify the integrity of your disaster recovery plans by executing runbooks in test-mode via the web console and isolating testing from the production network. 

Seamless extension of local networks to the cloud recovery site
Extend up to five local networks to the cloud recovery site to provide transparent remote access to recovery servers in failover mode. Our VPN virtual appliance makes it simple.

Dissimilar hardware recovery with Universal
Restore Windows and Linux systems to the same, similar, or dissimilar hardware during a failback procedure, including bare-metal, physical, virtual, or cloud.

Local failover with Instant Restore
In the event of single server failures, you can leverage the existing on-premises infrastructure resources by spinning up any physical or virtual Windows or Linux system locally in seconds,  directly from the backup storage on your existing Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere ESXi host.

What is Included

• Secure off-site recovery infrastructure

• Failover to the cloud recovery site

• Disaster recovery orchestration

• Failback to primary site or to a new location

• Instant recovery of machines in a local, virtualized infrastructure

• Recovery to dissimilar hardware, including bare-metal, physical, virtual, or cloud environments

• Non-disruptive failover testing in the cloud

• Protection of data on 20+ platforms, including virtual, physical, and cloudbased servers, endpoints, and mobile devices

• Full image and file-level backups

• Backups stored in both local and cloud storage

• Wide range of recovery options: entire machine, ESXi configuration, single files and folders, databases, Office 365, etc.

• Proactive AI-based anti-ransomware protection for Windows machines

Introducing Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud