How to create an e-mail autoresponder in SiteWorx?

If you are going on a holiday or will be unavailable for a few days or a month, you can create an auto email responder for your emails so that when people email you, they will receive an automated email with your message like I am on holiday, please email me after few days.

1. Firstly log into your SiteWorx account. (e.g. www.example.com:2443/siteworx/ )

2. After that under SiteWorx Menu, click the Hosting Features menu item if it is not already open.

3. Then click the E-mail menu item and then click on Autoresponders option.

4. Following that in the E-mail Address field, enter the email address on which you want to enable autoresponder. If you want to enable auto responder on Your-Email@example.com, enter Your-Email.

5. In the Send copy to the field, enter your personal e-mail address where you want to receive a copy of your emails (Optional).

6. In the Autoresponder Message field, enter message like I am on vacation, etc.

7. Finally click on the Add button.

You have created an e-mail autorespoder in SiteWorx.

How to remove Autoresponder?
 Open Autoresponder.

You should see your autoresponder email list under Existing Autoresponders.

3. Click on the Delete button next to the e-mail address.

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