Guide to Web Hosting for Successful SEO

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People have been underestimating the strong correlation between a web hosting provider and its effect on SEO, whether that’s positive or negative. The web hosting you choose for you business plays an important role in helping you move up the rankings and have better SEO .

Why do you want better SEO? Because it matters tremendously when you want to get noticed and when  it comes to getting people to see your website. SEO includes elements such as linking, content and many other things that are actually related to your web host.

So the main question is : Is your provider helping or ruining your SEO?

In this post, we’ll go through what quality aspects you should look for when choosing a web hosting provider.

1. High Uptime Guarantee

Your web hosts uptime guarantee is the most important factor in whether they’re SEO-friendly or not.

When we say uptime we mean how much of the time your site is online and accessible to your viewers.

The higher the uptime percentage, there is less of a chance that your visitors will go to your site and be hit with an empty screen. This will ultimately end up sending them back to the search engines and will lead them looking for a different website that offers the same services as you. In conclusion this will risk your rankings as Google will know that your website did not satisfy the needs of the viewer.

While its impossible to provide 100% uptime, you shouldn’t expect anything less than 99.9% uptime.

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2. Server Location

If you are using cloud hosting, where your data is stored in the cloud, this is not an issue for you. But, if your site lives on a physical server in a data center somewhere in the world that could be an important factor to SEO. What this means is your actual server location controls how fast your site is accessible to the viewer

The most ideal situation is that your server location is close to where most of your website visitors are from. The larger the distance between your server and your visitors, the longer it takes for the information to travel back and forth and for your sites content to load.

Search engines will take the information from your IP address and will give an advantage to your website when a user of your site is located in close proximity as your hosting provider.

3. Amazing website security

What will help make and keep a website secure is regular maintenance. This will have a positive impact on SEO, because otherwise you risk becoming a victim of hacking activity which is the biggest issue. Hackers could create all sorts of spam pages on your website and fake backlinks, which could be a massive downfall for you websites reputation and relevance.

Good hosting will give you great security and ultimately you won’t have to worry about hackers and malware, which will help to protect your SEO in the long run.

When you are in the process of choosing a host for your website, take into consideration the ones that offer consecutive maintenance.

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4. Speed

Page load speeds make a big difference with your SEO ranking. You need a website that loads very fast, because if you don’t your competitor definitely does.

Slow page load time will unfortunately make your visitors give up and leave, because believe it or not there are other websites that are much faster than yours. That’s the one that the visitor will prefer and en up going to again and again for their benefit.

Your hosting may provide a CDN and other tools to make things faster. However, it is necessary that they provide you with a good server before anything else.

If the servers are not good for the standard that you are looking for, your hosting won’t provide the specifications you need. In other words they wont be able to keep up with your highly performing website to rank well on search engines.

5. Responsive Support Team

Make sure you pay special attention to the web hosts support team.

If there is even the slightest chance that your site does go down, you want to make sure that you are able to fix it right away. In that case that means getting in contact with the support team as soon as possible.

A good host will offer 24/7 support that comes hand in hand with the hosting service that you are already paying for.

Before you decide on your web host chat to them beforehand, send them an email or visit their live chat. See how fast they are at responding to your questions, their attention to you and how eager they are to assist you.

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