5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Dedicated Server

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At Hostingb2b, we have Dedicated Servers that are ready to be rented or purchased and be used by one client only. There are many benefits to a Dedicated Server, and most clients upgrade to one when there is a significant increase in traffic on their website. There are many ways of enhancing the performance of your dedicated server, to make sure everything runs smoothly and securely, such as;

Find cost-effective Technology Configurations that meet your needs

There is no need to get wrapped up in the Latest and greatest options. Look at the hosting configuration you currently have and try to estimate how much reasonable growth you can expect over the next year or two. Some factors you can consider are:

  1. Operating system
  2. CPU cores and processors
  3. Memory
  4. Bandwidth
  5. Disk space
  6. Type of storage (HDD or SSD)

Reliable hosts and strong SLA’s help you avoid costly downtime

Proved by research, companies may lose more than $26 billion in revenue per annum because of unplanned IT downtime.  A reliable host can help you avoid this downtime by anticipating potential issues far in advance and being available 24/7.

Methodical scalability ensures predictable pricing

By carefully choosing your dedicated server right from the beginning, you can allow room for your business to grow. This also allows you to more predictably prepare to add more resources/servers as your traffic grows upwards towards specific thresholds. When you start out, you may choose a shared server that has financial benefits, however has performance drawbacks compared to a dedicated server. Then slowly as traffic increases on your website, the next step may be a Virtual Private Server, and then potentially a dedicated server, however right from the beginning you need to give your business hat room for growth and expansion.

While you could follow this process, transferring from server to server presents itself with a new set of challenges, like codes needing to be re-written, some features not capable with certain servers, etc.

Control your customizations to leave room for upgrades

By only paying for what you actually need, you can allocate money into features that improve your performance and security, such as;

  1. Supercharged DNS
  2. DDoS protection and mitigation
  3. Load balancing
  4. Caching tools
  5. Content delivery network
  6. Dedicated IP addresses
  7. Firewalls and VPN access
  8. High availability and disaster recovery

Understanding that you don’t have to look for the most bandwidth, storage and computing power, helps you prioritize and splurge on features that support your website’s success. For example, security. Even though the majority of cybercrime goes unreported, you should still look into at least a partially managed agreement which would take in DDoS attacks, upkeeping firewalls and SSL certificates.

Take help when it's being offered

The majority of dedicated server accounts come with managed services options, however if it not mentioned in discussions before signing a contract, it is a good idea to ask if the host would consider a dedicated server deal with an element of management for the more specialized and time-consuming operations. Always keep in mind that there is a fine balance between saving money and putting the uptime of your website in jeopardy.

A simple checklist for optimizing your dedicated server

  1. A balanced hardware and software investment in comparison to the size of your business.
  2. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) place a legal responsibility on web hosting companies’ like us, to make sure your website is live, for example 99.9% of the time.
  3. Don’t invest in a dedicated server and ignore investing in security, its like buying a Ferrari and keeping the door open.
  4. Think about what configuration/optimization and scalability that your business may need.
  5. Make use of our 24/7 managed services!

At Hostingb2b, we provide Dedicated Servers in Cyprus, Malta, Amsterdam, UK and UAE, and our servers range from starter level to pro. For more information on our Dedicated Servers and other services we provide, visit HostingB2B.

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