The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server for iGaming

igaming dedicated server

What is iGaming?

You’ve probably heard the term “iGaming” used a lot as regulated sports betting. In simple terms, iGaming is any kind of online betting that wagers on the future outcome of a game or event. Sports betting, online casinos, poker, and eSports all fall under the iGaming definition. The online gambling market is estimated to be worth around $66.7 billion per year. As the industry and individual companies grow, the benefit of having a Dedicated Server increases.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated server is a server that is set aside for you and you only. This means that you don’t have to share your space or resources with any other customers, giving you the opportunity to customize the server in the best way that suits you in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space and software.

At Hostingb2b, we have dedicated our hosting solutions in Cyprus, Malta, Amsterdam, UK and Dubai, so that we can aid our customers worldwide in finding the perfect hosting solution or their needs.

benefits of dedicated server for igaming

Our industry knowledge in the above jurisdictions aid in eliminating delays when getting your license application approval. Our iGaming consultants are here to support you in every aspect of our application, from the company incorporation, to Bank Account Opening, Application submission, Audits, Policy Guidelines, Advanced Tax Consulting and Accounting. We are here to provide reasoning for a greater benefit with the use of a Dedicated Server in the iGaming industry

Moreover, we pride ourselves in offering managed services of the highest standard, allowing you to operate and be compliant in regulated countries. Our local data centers in Cyprus, Malta, Amsterdam, UK and Dubai are complaint with ISO 27001, SOC type 1 & 2, and PCI DSS.

Because of our datacenters in key locations, our iGaming server solutions guarantee your gaming business approval in these locations for compliance of the highest standard. At Hostingb2b, we can offer any complexity of hosting infrastructure and support.

How can a Dedicated Server Optimize iGaming

A dedicated server allows you to enjoy your games, alone or with friends, without interruption as a casual gamer. Moreover, you can run your own private server for a game and let others join!

  • Dedicated server’s indispensable perks include:
  • Realiable connection source
  • High bandwidth availablitiy
  • Minimum risk of lags, interruptions, and other connection problems

Additionally, dedicated servers can be the ultimate thing even for enterprise gaming companies. They allow you to control your costs and infrastructure scalability with specified bandwidth instead of a pre-made usage model from providers, such as Google Cloud. Given that you’re in a safe hand with ServerHub, please let us help you choose the correct dedicated server for you

Benefits of a Dedicated Server For Your iGaming Business

1. Performance

The iGaming experience has to be fast and secure in order for the users to feel in control when playing games and exchanging money.

This is why we are focused on what benefits our customers receive from a Dedicated server.

2. Security and Compliance

A common struggle for iGaming businesses is security and compliance, because of the number of regulations and cyber-attacks. We provide A grade hosting and managed services in all of our locations to keep you away from any threats and in line with all regulations. All our data centers comply with crucial standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC Type 1 & 2 and PCI DSS.

We offer high-performance dedicated servers to give you the full power needed to have a smooth and seamless iGaming experience. Our networks ensure low risk of lagging and high uptime.

3. Scalability

All of our solutions support your business growth, no matter the size. As your business rows, we scale up on our end, while remaining cost efficient. Our team of experts will guide you to a perfect solution for what your business is in need of.

4. Flexibility

At Hostingb2b, we can integrate any hosting solution to best cater for your specific needs. Whether you are an online casino or game developer, you need the infrastructure that is perfectly suited to working with your workloads, which is what we bring to the table.

5. Global presence

With our variety of data centers in many different countries, you can have online audiences all over the world and give them the highest level of speed and quality.

6. Reliability

With every second of a system not working, you could lose thousands in revenue, which is why we have a team of experts that have a deep passion for technical and business needs that will ensure the infrastructure is always running at its best capacity.

What we offer


Malta was the first Member State of the EU to regulate online gaming. It is undisputedly the largest online gaming jurisdiction, and the most popular location for operators that seek to license for their online gaming business.

The New Malta Gaming licensing framework is provided in two main types of licenses. The B2C & B2B license is categorized in accordance with the game type or vertical.

B2C (Business-to-Customer) services

  • Type 1 – Casino games, lotteries with a guaranteed prize.
  • Type 2 – Sportsbooks & eSports
  • Type 3 – Poker, pool betting, lotteries with a guaranteed prize
  • Type 4 – Skills games

B2B (Business-to-Business) services

  • Type 1, 2 & 3 – Gaming Supply License (intended for platform providers).
  • Type 4 – Gaming Supply License (Intended for Skill Games, Fantasy Sports Platform Providers).

Our Services

  • Domain registration (.com, .com.mt, and many others)
  • Malta Dedicated Server Leasing
  • Hosting Colocation
  • Managed Hosting Services (Server-Software-Platform)


One license covering all types of iGaming services is what makes Curaçao an attractive Jurisdiction for betting/Gaming companies, alongside its favorable taxation companies operating on the internet as well as being registered in the e-zone (no taxes are applied, except for 2% tax on the net profit).

Offering eGaming Licensing, Curaçao has been one of the most stable iGaming Jurisdictions since 1996, Through a single license, you can have all forms of gaming offerings such as Casinos, Sports Betting, Exchanges, Lottery, Games of Skill and Chance.

Our Services

  • Domain Registered Services
  • Dedicated Server Leasing
  • Hosting Colocation
  • Managed Hosting Services (Server – Software – Platform)

Cyprus Betting License (Class B)

The Cyprus “The Betting Law 2012 – Law 106(I)/2012.” introduced a partial legislative framework for legislating betting activities, which introduced new rules and updated some others. Introducing the “National Betting Authority (NBA)” which is the supervising authority over all betting activities in Cyprus from Land based bookmakers to online gaming operators.


Class A – Regulates land-based sports betting, bookmaker shops with physical Premises excluding Class B Services and horse racing.

Class B – Regulates Online based activities excluding slot machines, online casinos lotteries.

Gaming Tax – A combined rate of 13% which consists of 10% of net revenue and 3% contribution to the Authority which 2% is allocated to the Cyprus sports Federations and 1% to gambling addiction programs as stated to the (Article 71, Betting Law 2012).


Our Services

  • Domain Registration Services (.com, .com.cy, .cy, .ltd.cy and others)
  • Cyprus Dedicated Server Leasing
  • Hosting Colocation
  • Managed Hosting Services (Server-Software-platform)
  • For more offers, visit our page on our Dedicated Server Hosting offers. And for more information about us as a company, visit our website.

As an experienced hosting provider, we at Hostingb2b can make sure you have a seamless iGaming experience. As an iGaming business, it is priceless to partner with hosting experts, as we can help you through the industry’s complex compliance guidelines, privacy regulations and security processes.

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