Choosing the right hosting plan for your website

What is Web Hosting?

In order to introduce the world of hosting and specifically HostingB2B to people,  we created our weekly blog posts based on the fundamentals of hosting, such as, “How Web Hosting Works” and “The reasons why Free Hosting isn’t safe”. In these articles “Choosing the right hosting plan for your website”, we analyzed points to help you choose the right Web Host for your website.

How Web Hosting Works

Hosting is a service that every website must-have. We developed the following:

  • How does it work
  • What is DNS
  • Why do I need Hosting
  • Types of Web Hosting
  • What to look for in a Web Hosting service

The reasons why Free Cyprus & Malta Hosting isn't safe

Paid Hosting, as we analyzed in the article, gives you the major of advantages and the most important is the safety of your business. Why Paid Web Hosting?

  • Security
  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Disk storage
  • Data transfer
  • Scripting support
  • Support 24/7
  • More email accounts
  • Spectrum of Hosting Types
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Choosing the right hosting plan for your website

All web hosting plans have different features so the question is how do you select the right plan for you ?


Once you come to the conclusion that you need a website, as it is important for networking and interacting with your clients, the next step is to choose a hosting provider for your website.

The first thought that comes to mind, is the Price. The deciding factor. They say you get what you paid and that is most certainly true. Keep looking for options that will satisfy the needs of your business and stay focused on what’s best in every aspect of your business.

After the price,  you must check the Technical Specifications of the Web Hosting Provider. Try to find a provider that builds and controls its own hardware. Also choose a host with enough RAM, disk storage space and processing power to satisfy your website’s needs. Reliability and server uptime is equally as important when visitors come to check that your website is running. It is a specification that is a must on your hosting priority checks list.

Before you sign up with a Hosting Provider, review the Interface (Control Panel) that is used. Make sure that is easy to understand and use. It is important because if you don’t know how it works, then that will ultimately make your work much more confusing. Make sure there is providing support in order to assist you every step of the way.

Without a doubt, a 24/7 Support of a Cyprus & Malta Web Hosting Provider is valuable. Malta Hosting must help you monitor your services and provide immediate security to ensure fast problem resolution and flexible support as requested. In addition, real person services at any time. Finally, check what options are available (email, chat, phone number etc).

dedicated servers

It should be noted that you must check what special and extra features that a provider gives you after you sign up with them. For example, a free period of testing, free Cyprus Domain Name with sign up,  if there offer upgrades and add-ons, etc.

Choosing the right hosting plan will help you set up your business for success. So HostingB2B Cyprus & Malta support is here to help you choose the best hosting plan for you and your needs and make important decisions such as:

Give us a call, find us on social media or visit our website to check all the packages that we provide. We are happy to help you.

Choose Between your Favorite Hosting Platform



  • 1 Website
  • 1 Email Address
  • 1 Mysql Database
  • 1GB SSD Storage
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Shared Public IP Address
  • Free Domain Registration
  • 1 Click Install WordPress



  • 5 Website
  • 5 Email Address
  • 5 Mysql Database
  • 5GB SSD Storage
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Shared Public IP Address
  • Free Domain Registration
  • 1 Click Install WordPress



  • 10 Websites
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • 10 Mysql Databases
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Free SSL
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Shared Public IP Address
  • Free Domain Registration
  • 1 Click Install WordPress


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