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Article Published By George Sarris

The Company

HostingB2B is an enterprise hosting provider, which offers high end solutions for Gaming and Betting companies worldwide.

As well as that, focuses on its highly trained and expert staff, with both hosting solutions and Managed Services.

Our philosophy is to invest in our people with constant training and labs on every interesting open-source project in order to be able to contribute to our community.

Throughout these 12 years of experience in large enterprise networks and infrastructure, I have come to the conclusion that spending thousands on Licence fees will not improve further productivity or uptime as a matter of fact, the only outcome is that it will put the whole IT Budget in criticism from the Management whenever there is a cut off.

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Overview - Impact of Covid-19 on the Online Betting Industry

Covid19 Global pandemic(currently still ongoing) has shown us many lessons to learn and still more to come. While many businesses are struggling to stay afloat others are thriving through this new way of life.

The Globally government opposed restrictions in Businesses – Aviation – On-site Entertainment allowed people to find themselves with more time to spare that could never be imagined and at home.

Apart from NetFlix and other Home entertainment, there is also the iGaming – Casino and Sports Betting. People who have previously had Casino and Gambling in their weekly “Entertainment” schedule are now adopting to Online Betting and Online Gambling.

The Google Trends trends worldwide show us some remarkable insights for Sports Betting  – Online Casino Games .

For me personally, revenue reports are not 100% convincing as may include some Accounting and Tax adjustments that can manipulate the real effect of the Covid19 on the iGaming business in General.

Positive Impact

Omni-Channel Operators

Operators that have a full iGaming portfolio with SportsBook but as well as  Casino – Roulette – Poker and eSports have gained their loyal active clients engaging them quickly to their FULL product portfolio.

Marketing Expenses

For an operator attending exhibitions such as ICE and SIGMA was a year’s full Marketing Budget. The cost of  Exhibiting is not about the money to acquire the stand but also the Carpentry – Marketing – Airline Tickets and Accommodation.

Cost of Acquisition for Betting – Gaming

As i mentioned previously ICE and SiGMA the 2 main events in the iGaming Calendar was canceled giving Exhibitors full Marketing – Advertising Budget to Spend on Online resources.

The cost of acquisition and retention for online marketing in iGaming is by far the cheapest, but Exhibiting to such events gives your company’s exposure like no other in the quality of the Customer you are acquiring. The personal approach is and will always be the winning factor.


Negative Impact

Sportsbook Operators

During the period of 23/02/2020 to 28/03/2020, the mass cancellations of Global Sports Events gave SportsBook operators a big hit in terms of Games to Gamble in, Simply betting slips did not exist.

Traditional Sports Betting simply gave it’s way to eSports and some horse racing still hosted in Florida in Feb 20.

Responsible Gambling

Government and Regulators have imposed measures in Operations in regards to Protecting the Player and in addition themselves.

New set of rules and guidelines from the Regulators in regards to Marketing Advertisements, Maximum Bet, and Daily betting Limits have been applied in most European and US operators.

Brexit – UKGC

Operators that have a UKGC licence are now forced to comply with new regulations such as the  AML the 5AMLD  additionally in terms of Location of their Hosting Equipment EU Soil(Malta – Cyprus – Germany) is now not accepted and they will have to setup a replication infrastructure and apply for systems audit again.

Acronis Security


As we have said in our introduction we will focus specifically on Google Trends and overall Consumer Behavior in Gambling Market Impact in the Covid-19 ERA.


Online Betting

Online Casino

eSports Betting

Fantasy Sports


To summarize, It’s been a challenging year for Online Betting – iGaming Companies but no one can definitely say that the sports betting industry is thriving and Casinos are about to be history.

UKGC study shows that OVERALL there is only 9% increase in money spent on gambling and NO increase 73% nor in time or money spent on Gambling.

3% increased time spent gambling 15% increased time and money spent gambling 9% increased money spent gambling 73% no increase in time or money spent gambling

Hopefully, this will be over very soon and we will see you again at the Expo’s.


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