Our 5P’s for Secure Social Media Browsing

Social media is here to stay, and with each passing day, it plays a greater role in our lives. 

As people increase the amount of information they share on social media platforms, the need for heightened security and privacy controls is also increasing.

Here are our 5 P’s for secure social media browsing.


Before registering on a social media site, it is wise to make sure that you fully understand privacy policies and terms of use. This is how your personal data will eventually be used by the website. Once you have created a profile change the default settings in the Privacy menu. Almost all social media sites have strong privacy options. Enable them when possible. For example, does the site really need to be able to track your location? Or would you like it if anything you post or upload might become the property of the site? Don’t think so. In addition, privacy options can be confusing and change often. Make it a habit to check and confirm they are working as you expect them to.


Secure your social media account with a strong password. Make sure its long, unique and made up of numbers, punctuation, symbols and uppercase for complexity, making it easy for you to type and remember, but hard for any other to guess. Never share your password. Be always aware that cyber attackers will try to steal your password and take over your accounts. Nobody will ever ask for your password. It is critical to understand that these accounts contain private information, while a part of your life is online. Use MFA. This type of configuration might save you once!


Keep something for yourself. Be careful and think twice before posting. Always keep in mind that the information you post on social networking sites at some point will be publicly accessible, impacting your reputation and future, including where you can go to school or the jobs you can get. If you don’t want your family or boss to see it, you probably shouldn’t post it. Also, be aware of what others are posting about you. You may have to ask others to remove what they share about you. So it’s a good idea not to post information and photos that would help someone put us in a difficult position.


Restrict access to our profile by reducing the chances of many valid personal data and information being extracted by experts, who use it for a specialized phishing attack through social networking sites. Also be aware that We know that once we add a person to our friend’s list (accepting a friend request), it gains access to the personal data that appear on our profile, including our photos and contact information. We also know that in the social media world it is easy to create a fake identity and mislead other users. Therefore, we should be aware of our “friends”. Bad guys will eventually attempt to trick or fool you using social media messages. For example, they may try to trick you out of your password or credit card. Be careful what you click on: If a friend sends you what appears to be an odd message or one that does not sound like them, it could be a cyber attacker pretending to be your friend.


It is crucial to understand that you are fully unprotected in a world that is not physical. You might not get hurt physically (not 100/100 sure about that), but mentally or economically, I wouldn’t bet on it. Even though it’s nice to share your life’s happiness online with your friends and family, you should stop yourself from being addicted to sharing on social media platforms. The social media platforms are massive and they are collecting and recording every ounce of your data.  Your data can easily be stolen, and you can be monitored. The consequences could be catastrophic for you and your loved ones. BE AWARE.


The way you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other social networks can have major impacts on your life, either good or bad. With a little bit of knowledge and a small dose of caution, however, you can enjoy all the benefits of social media with fewer risks.


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